Prophecy: From Science To Superstition And Beyond

Those individuals who for the most part reason like this are the individuals who more likely than not been instructed not to accept the individuals who talk in tongues and prophecy. The vast majority of these individuals are preferential in light of the fact that they don’t peruse the Bible like kids with an open enthusiastic personality to get familiar with the word of God (Luke 10:21; Matt 11:25). So request personal prophetic word these individuals must open their Bible and find in 1 Cor 13:8 that it talks about prophecy and tongues, yet in addition it keeps on talking about learning. It says that learning will evaporate away. Does that imply that learning isn’t for the present and isn’t required, that is the explanation I said that individuals are preferential when they glance through their jumbled outlook.


On the off chance that we take in setting in refrain 9 the Bible says that, ” We know to a limited extent and prophecy partially.”, that is the reason despite the fact that a develop prophet forecasts, he can just prophecy up to 99.99% precise word of the Lord as His mouth piece. There is constantly an opportunity of 0.01% blunder since it gets through a human vessel which isn’t 100% immaculate yet is being made ideal step by step. That is the reason in the following stanza 10 the Bible says, “However when that which is flawless or complete is come [Here Paul is talking about the flawlessness of paradise and God Himself who is love (1John 4:8)], at that point that [prophecies through which we lived by confidence in this earth] which is to some degree will be done away [because we will be in paradise by then].” (1Cor 13:10).


  • This is the reason there is constantly an opportunity of prophecy neglecting to happen in light of the fact that as long as we live in this blemished world, as a defective human vessel we can’t see and know God consummately (Exodus 33:18-20). Since God is Love and is flawless, His Love is impeccable, which is simply the being of God who is in Heaven.
  • Love can’t come up short since God can’t come up short. That is the explanation when He is uncovered we realize that we will resemble Him in all things, He might be completely uncovered when we will consider Him to be He is the point at which we go to paradise or in the delight (1 John 3:2). Do you have the endowment of prophecy?
  • In the event that you haven’t and you need the endowment of prophecy set aside the effort to keep in touch with me at my site and I will appeal to God for you and give the blessing. The Apostle Paul said that we ought to desire the endowment of prophecy. He additionally said that it was the best endowment of each of the nine.
  • I need to disclose to you I have a few four page predictions that have been sent to me by a youthful prophetess that worked with my site for a year and they truly favor me each time I read them. For four pages God the Father just talks in agony English to me and consoles me. They are magnificent.


To forecast effortlessly you need the adoration for Jesus in your heart. You need all that adoration so you will step out in confidence and tell an individual what you thing God is laying on your heart. It takes a touch of fortitude to approach an individual and disclose to them that the Lord has a message for them and after that to feel free to say the prophecy. You sort of get extremely anxious as you wonder in the event that you are simply causing it to up in your brain. I consider this uneasiness the prophets gut. I sort of become ill in the stomach until I go over and tell the individual.




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